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When I asked Antonio Fato who the target audience was for his new album‘Everybody Happy?’, he said it was for the young, old, funny, ugly, boring and beautiful. Men who wear stripes and women who practice candlemaking under midnight moonlight. Pirates, martians, space ghosts, left handed gorillas and people named Jeff. Closet spelunkers and that guy who is always sitting at the bus stop with one long dreadlock, but mostly for people who enjoy butt stuff.
Fato, based in Maryland, has been working on the album alongside his producer and sound engineer, Jonny Wolf, who he says is a constant source of motivation to him. The inspirations to make this album came about from many places, but Fato claims the primary sources were the Fallout video game series and his crippling depression. Musically, he has drawn from bands such as System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana, as well as every track from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. 
Fato has been a professional music teacher for many years, but also has an alter ego as a clown, who he says reflects the real him; the real Antonio. 
‘The clown is me; the semi-mediteranean face people see most days is just a happenstance of genetic propagation. I can be myself when I’m the clown and it makes people smile, what more could you want?’
The things Fato has struggled with throughout his life, such as his depression, have led him to understand the importance of his environment, and the need to surround himself with positivity. His grandfather, who was also a clown, faced and overcame similar issues -though his were addiction related- and went on to help hundreds of people to overcome theirs. Antonio’s mission statement with this album is to express himself, and if people can get something out of it too, that makes it all the better. 
‘It’s a beautiful thing that we live in a society where the means to capture our expressions through music are readily available to most. I only wish it was free and available to everyone. That's why I started my non-profit organisation “Capital Music Access”. We provide free instruments and learning materials to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them. I want to hear everyone's music.’
Antonio may joke a lot, but it comes from a place of deep interest and a desire to make the world a little better. His album is a testament to how much fun can be had even in tough times. The songs are punchy, in your face and exhilarating. Antonio has a distinctive vocal range, stretching from a growling metal-head scream all the way to a smooth creamy falsetto. His spoken word style bounces off the musical backdrop effortlessly, giving the album several levels of sound to experience. Catchy standouts like‘Charlie’s Bad Room’ and ‘I’m Sad’ will quickly become fan favourites, and for those more politically inclined, ‘Stand (Riot Music)’ offers a tasty perspective on American societal issues, most notably police brutality. 
The album will officially drop on October 15th, pre-orders for the CD release are now sold out, but those wishing to support the album should follow ‘The Fato Company’ on Spotify. 
To support Antonio’s philanthropic projects, contact him directly at AF.capitalmusicaccess@gmail.com
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